Kejriwal for PM? God save India!

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Arvind Kejriwal | Real Past - Happening Present - Would be Future.

Arvind Kejriwal | Real Past - Happening Present - Would be Future.

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A former bureaucrat, then turned-activist and now turned-politician, Arvind Kejriwal is a Darling of the Social Media. This is a funny, short imagination about our very Bbbbussy CM of Delhi.


  • Joining an Engineer at Tata Steel was not enough for you - You wanted to make a larger Difference to the society.
  • Working as IRS was simply not the best job for you - You felt suffocated to work where everyone was Corrupt.
  • Starting an NGO(Parivartan) lacked the glamour for you - You had hoped for a Sensational promotion .
  • Being as a faithful member of Team Anna was not good for you - You needed the Spotlight all for yourself.


Everyone knows that finding Aam Aadmi Party and becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi is just not your only aim. Apart from -
  • Whining that the PM of India is not letting you work,
  • Complaining that Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is against you,
  • Accusing that the ACB Chief is allegedly intimidating you,
  • Castigating the Delhi Police Commissioner and launching verbal attacks,
You have now started setting up the stage for 2019 General Election and trying your shot at the PM's Chair.


  • If you become the PM of India, you would be blaming that the rest of the world for not letting you work.
  • If you become UN General Secretary, you would be complaining that the whole world is conspiring against you.
  • If you are the last man left on Earth, you would still be saying that GOD is plotting against you.

Gawd Save U & Us!

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