Jayalalitha: Ruthless Rani now rests in Peace

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I admired you. I felt sorry for you. I prayed for you. I am shedding tears for you. Please Rest in Peace.

I admired you. I felt sorry for you. I prayed for you. I am shedding tears for you. Please Rest in Peace.

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I admired you. I felt sorry for you. I prayed for you. I am shedding tears for you. Please Rest in Peace.

Please Read this and get to know her better - Jayalalitha, Woman of Wits, Guts and a Heart!

Jayalalitha: Ruthless Rani of TamilNadu

Does she deserve this name? Absolutely! It is very hard to miss the element of ruthlessness in the way administered the state. She did things as she wanted it done. She made things happen as she wanted it happen. Isn't that what a Rani does?

Tsunami can tell you her Tales

Tamilnadu was the worst affected state when Tsunami attacked the nation. What the UPA government allocated for relief measures was a poor paltry sum.
Did you think she just visited the rehabilitation centres to get satisfied and prove to media that her Government is functioning in an absolutely awesome fashion? 
No. She did not leave the district-level bureaucracy to do take rest either.
  • She ensured free medical checkups in villages for poor to prevent outbreak of disease.
  • Where she found the relief measures ineffective, she sacked/reshuffled officers and provided immediately relief and rehabilitation. 
  • She saw to that insurance claims reached the Tsunami victims faster. 
  • Most importantly Jayalalithaa managed to repair all the damages with state’s fund and donations. 
  • When other affected countries were standing helpless for months without getting help.. She finished it all alone. That is what we can proudly call a IRON WILL. 

Nature can narrate her stories - 

Rain water harvesting scheme: Jayalalitha was ruthless in implementing what was good for her people. Tamil Nadu was the first state to make Rainwater Harvesting compulsory for every building to avoid groundwater depletion. 
Then - She changed the rules to ensure that new buildings didn't get the nod from the concerned authorities without implementing rainwater harvesting. Rain water harvesting programme got off to a rocky start due to the fierce resistance offered by Chennai residents when the government made it an mandatory even for the residential buildings.
Now - Nearly 15 years since its implementation, we find that it has helped Chennai people a lot with a near 50 percent rise in the water tables in the water-starved regions and the significant improvement in the water quality. Can we Deny? Shouldn't we adore her Ruthlessness?

Women will sing her Praise

Women Police Stations - Tamil Nadu was also a pioneer in the setting up of police stations operated solely BY THE Women FOR THE Women safety. In addition, Jayalalitha introduced the country's first women police battalion.
Cradle Baby Scheme: She abolished system of female infanticide by introducing Cradle Baby Scheme(adoption of abandoned girl children)  when Tamilnadu was facing serious female infanticide problem. This scheme has improved the sex ratio of Tamilnadu into 996 women against 1000 males.
Amma is Enough: She introduced the system where kids did not need their father's name to start with a school/college. She made the mother's name, a sufficient qualification.

Poor will pray for her forever

She efficiently and effectively handled both the banes of poor's existence.
Banning Lottery Officially: Lottery was banned completely. It was a selfless act on Jayalalitha's part done for no political benefits, at the cost of crores of revenue loss for the government but it really saved many poor families from dying.
Illicit Liquor Consumption: Her government took over the sale of Indian Made Foreign Liquor and had efficiently reduced the production of arrack thereby bringing an efficient end to the Hooch tragedies.
Gutka sale was banned all over Tamilnadu, and for a short period it proved effective because the police had strict orders to do a thorough search and seize when found.

Champion of the Poor

Her election manifesto will definitely be mocked at. But by whom?
Hundred units of power for every household every two months - This promise will not be mocked by single mothers who have the the responsibility of feeding mouths, not those who can easily afford "Inverters" incase of power failures.
50% subsidies for women to buy scooters - This promise will definitely not please those darlings who do late night pubbing, but for a family that cannot afford a family vehicle, isn't this definitely a boon.?
Free laptops with internet for Class 11 and 12th students - This promise may look dumb for Kids who own iPhone7 and waiting for an upgrade, but to the son of hardworking parents, can anything else be more precious?
Rs 18,000 as maternity assistance, maternity leave for nine months  - Can you point your finger at one Mother who did not shed a tear before dropping her baby at a children's crutch and then leave for job?

Now please tell me why would anybody not love her?

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