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TAMIL NADU now - Rekla races? KARTNATAKA next - Kambala Buffalo Water Racing? ANDRA then - Ongole Stone Pulling? MAHARASHTRA soon - Bailgada? Are we in mortal peril because we cant speak "Hindi" as well as the rest of the country? Largest Republic? 😢

TAMIL NADU now - Rekla races? KARTNATAKA next - Kambala Buffalo Water Racing? ANDRA then - Ongole Stone Pulling? MAHARASHTRA soon - Bailgada? Are we in mortal peril because we cant speak "Hindi" as well as the rest of the country? Largest Republic? 😢

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TAMIL NADU under Attack - Rekla races conducted in western Tamil Nadu, Theni district and others will be Targetted soon.
KARTNATAKA in Danger - Kambala Buffalo Water Racing in the Dakshin Kannada region may get Banned next.
ANDHRA will Suffer - Ongole stone pulling in central and coastal Andhra will not be Spared.
MAHARASHTRA in Peril - Bailgada in Maharashtra practised with the Killari breed may not be left alone.
Entire South India may suffer next. Is it because we cant speak "Hindi" as well as the rest of India? Are we in Mortal Peril like SriLankan Tamil. Largest Republic? 😢
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Jallikattu - Over millennia 

Every place in the world where native people have lived with their indigenous livestock, post-harvest there have been local celebratory showcase events. Jallikattu is one such prehistoric heritage that has been preserved over millennia. The most advanced Indus Valley civilisation, made a seal to celebrate the sport of Eru Thazhuvathal. Our Ancient Tamil poetry establishment from Sangam literature have many detailed references to Eru Thazhuvuthal. It has survived the colonial period and has stood the test of time. Our only duty is to take it forward.

Why do we need Jallikattu? 

100 years ago, there were 130 or so cattle breeds in India, but now there are only 37. Shocking and Pathetic isn't it?
Tamil Nadu now has 5 cattle breeds - Kangayam, Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Barugur and Malai Maadu breeds. We've lost the Alambadi breed already.
Only in those regions where Jallikattu is still played, Bulls are still maintained. If Jallikattu remains banned, then farmers will have no use for a male calf. Instead of spending on feeding them, they will be sold and taken to the slaughter houses for Rs.500.

Why should we do Jallikattu?

When we abandon conservation of native breeds like bulls' and their natural servicing/mating, we are actually messing with evolution.
  • Step 1: With the reduced availability of male breeds, Indians will have to naturally go in for the cost prohibitive artificial insemination procedure. 
  • Step 2: Native cows will not yield as much milk as the Imported breeds. So artificial means will not be adopted for native breeds. Hence native cattle breeds will soon fade into extinction.
  • Step 3: We certainly have no idea the kind of Antibiotics and Growth Harmones are forced into imported breeds because they keep giving milk even when they are approaching next pregnancy. This makes them weak and even the new born calf suffer. 
  • Step 4: Adaptation to the changes in climate has not been ingrained in their genes. Unless cattle is bred and reared in the local environment, the genetic pool of the breed will not be healthy. 
  • Step 5: Further, imported breeds are difficult to maintain and cause severe health complications during calving, unlike Indian cows that give birth without any assistance and their infant mortality rate is near NIL.
  • Step 6: Most western countries are acquiring genes of Indian cattle to improve their cattle livestock but we Indians will be forced to use their discarded stuff. The IRONY.

Why this uproar against Jallikattu? 

The intent of the reporters/editors have always been on sensationalising a news. Every headline of media reports over the last decade or so, has contantly screamed about injuries in Jallikattu events. The approach of the activists from Day-One has been to end Jallikattu at any cost.

By killing the market for bulls to be used in Jallikattu, the animal rights activists are directly laying the ground for commercial slaughter houses and cattle based dairies. We'll soon be feeding the huge demand for exotic and healthy Indian meat.

Misconceptions around Jallikattu 

We don't bait our Bulls 

Jallikattu has nothing in common with the Spanish bullfight. Those two infact are very different. Eru Thazhuvuthal sport in India is not about baiting or injuring the Bull.
It is “Embracing the bull”. Eru = Bull & Thazhuvuthal = Embrace. Has any animal activist watched the religious preparations that the owners of Bulls do before the sport? No. We workship our cattles.

We don't harm our Bulls 

Ancient Tamil and even Sanskrit literature, considered cattle as a unit of wealth. Anti-Jallikattu activists may have produced images/videos of 7-8 bulls out of 10000 instances/year, where an offence might have taken place.


Each bull is registered with the authorities, with photographs as well as the owner’s information. Activists have the rights to identify the owner and take action against him under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

We submit to curtail the exceptions, but not to end our sport.

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