Anita - NEET - Suicide: Can someone answer this?

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We are "the Dalits who still Live". We have a very few questions to ask on behalf of every single student of Tamilnadu..

We are "the Dalits who still Live". We have a very few questions to ask on behalf of every single student of Tamilnadu..

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Be it IndiaToday or HindustanTimes or TimesofIndia or any other celebrated journal in India, they conveniently tag her as "the Dalit girl who died". There are too many politicians from opposition parties to talk about the ill effects of NEET on society. Too many students have come to the road to fight against the injustice meted out, not just to Anita but to every single student of Tamilnadu. Well, I have a few questions to ask..

What is the Government trying to do?

Should a farmer's son remain a farmer forever? Should a daily wage worker's daughter stand in a smoky kitchen for her entire lifetime? Should only a doctor's son/daughter, either fit or unfit become a prestigious doctor? Will money be the only criteria that decides who can save a patient from Cancer or who can give back a critical patient's life? So what are Interest | Passion | HardWork ¿¿¿ Plain WORDS ???

Who is the best doctor?

A motherless poor Anita who had all household pressures but still managed to top a state board examination only to fulfil her dreams of serving people.
A rich son of a doctor/businessman who was born in the right place, studied at the right schools and went to the right coaching centres where repeated NEET model questions were spoon-fed into his brain?

What did Anita do wrong?

You gave her a syllabus to get prepared and she did. You asked her to finish the schooling with flying colours and she did. You promised to give her a prestigious white coat and she dreamt. She did all that you asked of her, yet you stabbed her in the back and she conveniently died. Isn't she the model citizen any country would be proud of?

Who is this authority who discredited Anita?

She was a topper in what she was given to prepare. Just like those valuable NEET toppers. Who is the authority here to decide this student is superior over that student? If still NEET syllabus is considered superior, where were these dignified authorities when the fit-for-nothing state board syllabus was handed over to our Tamil students?

Can We have Dreams dear Central Government?

If Anita is a Dalit, so is every single tax payer living in Tamilnadu. We would gladly pay for every Singhs, Guptas, Agarwals and Sharmas studying at Medical Colleges in Tamilnadu, but do we have the right to dream this? - Will any of those highly intellectual doctors serve in our Tamilnadu villages. I think not.
Is there no board to Censure the cheap journalism practice of branding an innocent bud as Dalit bud? Are NEET and such competitive exams benchmark enough, to call one student an Elite bud?
This is a land of Periyar. Yes, we have many varieties of castes but we value our father more than our caste. We don't attach a Mudaliyar or Chettiyar or Rettiyar to our name. Instead we attach our fathers' name  - a Murugan or a Chellapan or a Rengasamy. For they stood by us from our start till their end. Just because we don't add our caste name at the end, doesn't mean that we give you the right to degrade us.
In this land where love and family values still cherishes, how did the Journalists dare to degrade one of our daughters? What's the cause for addressing her with this downgrading term? Dirty Politics? Cheap Journalism?

I'd proudly call Anita a brave Tamizhachi who fought against NEET. It is right to call her the Tamilnadu topper, who scored a clean 1176 out of 1200 and dreamt of serving her fellow beings. Wasn't she a passionate Medical Aspirant, whose passion was burnt to ashes alongside her. Whenever I get to read articles calling her a Dalit - All I feel is, I am glad she died.

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