Dubai Travelogue - 7 Day Trip & Must see Places

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Know what you need to see when you are in the vibrant city, Dubai.

Know what you need to see when you are in the vibrant city, Dubai.

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Being the most populous city in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the business hub of Middle East. It attracts global attention mainly through it's large construction projects and sports events.

When to visit Dubai?

Cost-wise effective period would be the month of Ramadan. It is possible to skip the ever-present crowd in this vibrant city. But traditionally, Ramadan is not considered the best tourist season because of high temperatures.

Climate-wise ideal period for the travelers would be from November through April. You can enjoy the beautiful weather that's ideal for a variety of outdoor entertainment. Be assured that the accommodation prices are at their highest and the crowds are at their peak.

Must-see attractions in Dubai are too many. Since we traveled with two kids (one infant and one child), we made a clear list of what-to-see and when-to-see.

Remember to get the entrance fee discounts for children below 6 years of age. As for the babies (below 2 years), it is Free almost at all places, with a very few exceptions.

Day 1 -

Dubai Mall 

Considered the largest mall in the world by total land area, it is one of the most visited buildings on the planet. The chief attraction in the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.
It showcases variety of marine animals, including sharks and rays. We also get to see how the fishes are grown in there and how they're being fed. We visited it during the daytime and the kids spent a good part of the day, playing with the fishes.

Glow Garden 

Located in the middle of Zabeel Park, this illuminated world of surprises is categorized into three attractions - The Ice Park, The Dinosaur Park & The Art Park

The Dinosaur Park has animatronic Dinosaurs on display and a Dinosaur Museum that displays replica of dinosaur skeletons. Finish your Dino trip first and then proceed to enjoy the best visual treat.

Claiming to be the largest glow garden in the world, the Art Park is the main reason why this spot should be an evening show. All of these glowing attractions (stunning replicas of wildlife and nature) look much more impressive when viewed in the night.

Never miss the freezing fun at the Dubai's Ice park. Within the tropical desert, this Ice Park offers one, an extremely contrasting ambience. The Ice Park is set at really low temperatures with captivating ice sculptures of Dubai.

Day 2 -

Atlantis, the Lost Chambers Aquarium -

Atlantis hotel houses UAE's largest aquarium which is the home to over 65,000 marine animals. This Atlantis-themed aquarium has underwater mazes and tunnels of the lost civilization. It free to watch without staying in the hotel. One can even enjoy the paid privileg of diving amongst sharks, rays, eels, seahorses and piranhas.

Miracle Garden - 

Being the world's largest natural flower garden that features over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants, Miracle Garden is such a unique, extravagant recreational destination.
It remains open only from November to March, the winter months in Dubai. The flowers are showcased here in a variety of sculptures and designs. Do not skip a visit, it is a treat to watch.

Dubai Fountain Performances - 

This daily occurrence on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake, never fails to gather audience. The fountain shoots water as high as a 50-story building. The most popular spot to watch this performance choreographed to music (contemporary pop to classical), is the Waterfront Promenade outside the Dubai Mall.

Day 3 -

Dubai Frame - 

Zabeel-Park based Dubai Frame is largest frame in the world - an architectural landmark. Connecting the two vertical towers is a 93 metre-long bridge that is 48 floors above the ground.
It is thrilling to walk on the completely clear, crack-proof 25sqm glass floor which is 150-metre-high from the ground - UAE's first-ever Sky Bridge.

Dubai Museum - 

This is the oldest existing building in Dubai. It is open with the aim of presenting the traditional and original way of life in the emirate before the advent of oil.

Dubai Creek -

Forget all expensive ways to travel between Deira and Bur Dubai, the cheapest and fastest means to go is by using small motorised water-taxis called Abras. The fare for abra-ride is just 1 Dirham and no booking is required.

Day 4 -

Safa Park - 

This is a green oasis in the centre of the desert city, amidst all the concrete mountains. This beautifully landscaped park is perfect for family get-togethers.

Kite Beach - 

Vast, open stretches of soft, pristine white sand makes this beach the most unique tourist place of Dubai. If you are truly into water-sports, this is your Dubai's free spot to go. If you simply like beaches, just enjoy the serenity and casual beachside atmosphere of the place.

Global Village - 

This is the world's leading multicultural festival park. It is a seasonal shopping and cultural event held in Dubai during the cooler months. Ambiance, architecture and detailing in each country's pavilion is both amazing & outstanding. If you have 5-6 hours and energy to spend by walking, you can witness this marvel. Kids can make use of the stroller and trolley rentals available.

Day 5 -

It is worth spending a day in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. The trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi takes almost 1 hour and 30 minutes by taxi.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque -

Unlike any other tourist attraction in UAE, it is Free. Hence it is hard to miss the star attraction of Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Modest clothing is recommended. Regardless, in the entrance ladies are provided Abaya to wear before entering the mosque. The mosque is closed to tourists on Friday until 4.30pm.
Enjoy the really incredible architecture & learn the culture at one of the grandest Grand Mosques in the world.

Emirates Palace -

Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the palace hotel overlooks its own private natural bay. It offers a luxurious experience of authentic local culture. Admission is free, but the free access only allows as far as the lobbies and exhibitions.

Heritage Village -

To get an an interesting glimpse into the emirates' past and experience the traditional aspects of the desert way of life, it is good to visit this reconstructed village. It includes all the essential elements of traditional Gulf life: a fort to protect, a souq to trade, a mosque to pray.

Yas Mall Dancing Fountain -

Abu Dhabi's Cascade Dining offers incredible dining experience by presenting dancing fountains near the dining area. Ideally located between Yas Mall and Ferrari World, it is the best stop for a leisurely dining experience, with excellent views of the fountain show.

Day 6 -

This was our Safari day. It included Dune Bashing, Camel ride, Sand ski. We took a private car with us as there were two kids under 5 years of age in our family.

Quad Bikes - 

Speeding across Dubai's desert sand on a thrilling minutes quad bike created an adrenaline rushing feel at Dubai.

Dune Bashing - 

Taking the riders to slide up and down in a 4X4 cruise vehicle driven by experts, ensures a a thrilling experience.

Camel Rides - 

Riding in the desert by sitting on the back of the camels, is an adventurous activity to enjoy in the desert in a unique and amazing way.

Belly Dancing - 

It is the most enjoyable western style dance performed by the female dancers in the desert, that makes one to relax and indulge.

Day 7 -

Penguin Show - 

Penguin show at Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates, offers an exclusive interaction with those remarkable birds.
Donning a thermal suit, heading inside the special sub-zero zone at the indoor ski complex, to enjoy watching the resident penguins at close quarters, is a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Tips for Cost-effective spending at Dubai

Dubai is costlyyyyy, still if you wish to save a few bucks use these following pointers.
• Bur Dubai may not be a posh locality but certainly cost effective.
• When not at a Mall with food court, it is better to order your food online to save little money.
• Please install Careem app to stop getting struck at places where you don't get the government taxis.
• Choose Day-To-Day/ Carre Four shops to shop some cost effective souvenirs.

The latest buzzword in Dubai is Expo 2020.

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