10 Common Misconceptions that you Totally Believed

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Why do people believe wrong stuff, even when the fact glares them at their face, we don't know. These are some common misconceptions that you totally, always believed true.

Why do people believe wrong stuff, even when the fact glares them at their face, we don't know. These are some common misconceptions that you totally, always believed true.

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Why do people believe wrong stuff, even when the fact glares them at their face, we don't know. These are some common misconceptions that you totally, always believed true.

Diamonds are pressurized Coal 

God No!
Reason 1 - Most Diamonds mined till now are dated much older than the first land plants on Earth(formed from a pure form of carbon called graphite) whereas Coal had formed from prehistoric plants close to earth surface.
Reason 2 - Formation of Coal requires specific conditions, and rarely more than 2 miles (3.2 km) depth under surface whereas Diamonds are formed in extreme heat and great depths like 90 miles (140 km) underground.

Great Wall can Be Seen from the Moon  

Extraterrestrial visibility of the Great Wall of China is an Outright Misconception.
The Apollo astronauts, even the most popular astronaut, Neil Armstrong amongst them confirmed that the Great Wall or any other man-made structure is simply not visible from space, much less the Moon.
PS - All that you can see from the Moon is the white land mass and blue water body like marbles covering the Earth.  

Sunflowers Always Face The Sun 

This is one of the Best common Misconception maintained till date.
The uniform alignment of the flowers result from heliotropism(solar tracking behavior) and 24-hour circadian rhythm that improves growth performance. This happens in its' earlier developmental stage (ie, before the full bloom).
Technically speaking Sunflowers follow the sun before they have bloomed, and not after. Bloomed sunflowers mostly face east.

Chameleons change color to match their surroundings

Believe it or not, chameleons actually change colour as a response to mood, temperature, communication and light hardly to match the object they are touching. A chameleon that is frightened, for example, will turn black.

Bulls get enraged by the colour red 

Bull what?  It is a proven fact that bulls only see blues and yellow. They only react to the red cape because of the movements that flutter around. They just don't like being messed with, and will charge at whatever object is moving the most.

Man evolved from Chimpanzees

Okay call this the Master of  Misconceptions about Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.
If you thought it was Darwin who claimed this, you are Wrong. This myth was spread by religious zealots in order to promote anti-evolutionism among the people and try to discredit Darwin's theory.
Both Humans and chimpanzees are actually cousins (94% DNA match). Want to know our common forefather? That I can help.. Sahelanthropus tchadensis lived around 7 million years ago.

We use only 10% of our Brain 

No! Does this mean 90% of our Brain is plain, useless Meat? God no!
Neurologists dismiss this myth and state that we use virtually every part of the Brain, throughout every day of our lives. While it is true that certain areas are used for specific functions and only a small minority of neurons in the brain are actively firing at any given time.

Napoleon Bonaparte was Unusually Short.  

No! This is a seriously saddening misconception. Napoleon's nickname was "le petit caporal" only because he was always accompanied by his bodyguards, who had to be taller than the average and not because he was "petit". Measured shortly after his death in 1821, his height was recorded at 5ft 2in (French feet) equals to 5ft 6.5in (Imperial feet), or 1.69m. He was slightly taller than an average Frenchman of the 19th century. So much for his camaraderie with ordinary soldiers, that great man is now ridiculed as a short man.  

Jesus was born on 25th December 

No again! The Bible does not specify a date or month. There are plenty of reasons that indicates why this cannot be true.
One Problem with December is that it would be quite unusual for the shepherds to be spending in the field, when it is biting cold and unproductive.
Pope Julius the First declared the 25th of December as the official date of celebration, in the year 350 CE. He had a purely diplomatic reason - replace the pagan festival Saturnalia, the winter solstice with a Christian festival.  

We Have 5 Senses 

No! We've always been taught this misconception that we have only five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. However technically we might have as much as Twenty one senses according to science.  

Ophthalmoception (Sense of Sight)  
Audioception (Sense of Sound) 
Gustaoception (Sense of Taste)  
Olfacoception (Sense of Smell)  
Tactioception (Sense of Touch)
Hunger (Sense of Appetite) 
Thirst (Sense of DeHydration)
Thermoception (Sense of Temperature)
Mechanoreception (Sense of Pressure)
Nociception (Sense of Pain) 
Proprioception (Sense of Position)
Equilibrioception (Sense of Balance)
Magnetoception (Sense of Direction) 
Tension Sensors (Sense of Muscular Tension)
Pulmonary Stretch Reception (Sensing the Dilation of Blood vessels) 
Chemoreception (Sense of Chemical Stimuli)
Pruritoception (Sense of Itch) 
Chronoception (Sense of Time)
Cutaneous Reception (Sense of skin Vasodilation)  
Kinesthetic Sense (Sense of Acceleration)
Synaesthesia (Combination of senses (like smiling at someone's voice))

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