What makes Humans Unique from each other?

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Each individual in this planet is Unique because it is almost an impossibility to find another person who is exactly like you. Read below and know how unique you are.

Each individual in this planet is Unique because it is almost an impossibility to find another person who is exactly like you. Read below and know how unique you are.

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Believe it or not! You are Unique!

Each individual in this planet is Unique because it is almost an impossibility to find another person who is exactly like you. Read more and you'll know how very UniquE you are.

  • Unique Fingerprints -

Thank God my parents are neither fingerprint experts nor crime scene investigators. My fingerprint is so unique, so is yours. No one else in this world has exactly the same set of patterns: loops, whorls, arches and lines that you have on your fingers - not even your identical twin. With the help of advanced software today, even half a fingerprint can be identified and matched perfectly with comparison samples.

  • Unique Voice -

Isn't it interesting that you can identify the voice of your favorite singer almost instantly? Every voice is unique - so unlike any one else’s. Many traits work together to produce your voice, such as frequency (high or low), intensity (loud or soft), tightness, resonance, or nasality, the length of one’s neck, the width of the pharynx, even the lip rounding and vowel pronunciation. Hence it identifies you uniquely. Systems available today can automatically recognize an individual's voice if it is pre-recorded in a database. 

  • Unique TonguePrint -

Just like your unique fingerprints, your tongue print is unique too. Your Tongue has its own shape and texture, tiny bumps and ridges distributed in a way that is uniquely yours. 3-D tongue imaging can aid in identifying you. So next time you want to hide your identity, hide your tongue, don't stick it out.

  • Unique LipPrint -

Lips are your unique Barcode. Yes, you read it right. The pattern of wrinkles on your lips has individual characteristics as your tongue print. Cheiloscopy is a forensic investigation technique that deals with identification of people based on lips traces. I seriously wonder what criminal would smooch in the crime scene and leave his lip prints behind!? 

  • Unique OdorPrint -

Though dietary changes strongly influence the odor profiles of an individual, each human has a distinctive, consistent odor identity called 'odorprint' analogous to a fingerprint. The sense of olfaction is complex too. No two people can have the same perception of the same smell. A particular brand of perfume may smell "aromatic" to you and "nauseating" to your friend and you’re both correct. 

  • Unique TeethSet -

Have you ever considered why dental records are often used to identify bodies? This is because no two people have the same set of teeth. It is as unique as your fingerprint and it reveals your personal habits. Apart from environmental wear and tear, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, even playing a certain instrument can cause even identical twins have different sets of teeth. 

  • Unique Retina -

You might have heard that "Eyes are the index of a soul" but have you heard that "Eyes are the perfect identifiers of an individual"? Do you know that a Doctor can detect even the first signs of diabetes high blood pressure, and declining brain health, just by examining your eyes. The Key lies in the unique pattern on a person's retina blood vessels, a precise snapshot of your nervous system. 

  • Unique Iris -

The Iris not only gives your eyes color but also opens and closes the pupil to control how much light enters the eye. As a fetus opens and closes its developing eyes, the Iris tissues are believed to tighten and fold forming the unique textural patterns like pits, furrows, swirls, and rifts. 

  • Unique EarRim -

Has anyone told you before that you could be singled out of more than 250 others with a 99.6 percent accuracy rate by analyzing how light reflects off helix, your ear’s rim. Ear is such a handy identifier that currently Yahoo is keen in developing a technology to unlock smartphones with an ear scanner. If you receive a call, unlocking the phone can be done simply by pressing it to the ear. 

  • Unique Gait -

In the future, if you decide to rob a bank, do make sure you've changed your gait. Forget that casual drag-one-foot-and-bounce-on-another or that habitual-but-unusual-strolling that you've been maintaining forever. Out of the foot pressure patterns of more than 100 individuals, it is now easy to identify you with a 99.6 percent accuracy rate. 

  • Unique ToePrint -

Just Kidding about that Bank Robbery scheme. Did you know that when a burglar broke into a Scottish bakery and left his toe print on the flour-dusted floor, the jury convicted him within 15 minutes using his Toe print. Your unique toeprints begin to develop early, around at the same time as your fingerprints.  So almost everything about you is completely unique. If you are Good at Heart and Feeling let down, Please believe that God will do his best to help you out, for he has taken so much pain to create you uniquely. If you are Bad at Heart and forever Busy with Mischief, Beware dude, Your absolute uniqueness can get you caught and easily land you in pain.

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