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Meitu, one of the world's leading photo retouch and virtual makeup app developers have a happy news for you.

Meitu, one of the world's leading photo retouch and virtual makeup app developers have a happy news for you.

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Best Selfie App Meitu, one of the world's leading photo retouch and virtual makeup app developers have a happy news.

  • * Over one billion unique device installs globally.
  • * Google Play Most Share-Worthy App of 2016 In India
  • * Google Play Best Top Trending App of 2016 In India
BeautyPlus - Selfie App from Meitu - by , December 18, 2016
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Need more introduction? Presenting you the world’s most popular FREE photo retouch app, BeautyPlus and its Indian counterpart, BeautyPlusMe.

Global Selfie Craze

The trend of posting selfies on social media sites has escalated globally. We're here talking about no less than "93-million-selfies-per-day". India is no exception to this craze, that has reached almost a hazardous extreme. Indians are dangerously (World's highest selfie-related deaths in 2015) crazy about posting trendy selfie. Using this trend Meitu, a Chinese mobile phone Internet company, enabled smartphone editing of photos and videos.

Meitu Beauty Retouch

Meitu counts users aged between 18 and 35 as its core audience. Meitu modifies its app to adapt to cultural preferences towards beauty in each market. For example,
In China, females travel to South Korea for skin surgery or start taking botox injections in their 20s due to obsession with flawless skin and big eyes.
In India, to get better marriage and job prospects looking light-skinned and blemish-free is often preferred.

Meitu Craze in India

After creating a sensational rage in the aspirational market of China, Meitu has now targeted the users of the second-largest, fastest growing smartphone market in the world.

  • To match the slow internet speed in India, the company has launched a liter version of BeautyPlus(31.41MB), called BeautyPlus Me(8MB), available only in India.
  • BeautyPlus Me does not use much of phone memory and works efficiently on slower networks.
  • Local handset makers like Micromax and Lava, have tied up with Meitu to pre-load its apps on their devices.
  • Available now in 12 Indian languages, Meitu has reached about a million downloads in India since it was launched. 
  • The total Unique device installations in India, according to the company, has grown nearly 165% more than last year. 
  • Officially India already has the second-highest number of users for BeautyPlus app outside of China.

How Meitu works?

The selfie-perfecting features of BeautyPlus include — Advanced Facial Recognition, Live Auto Retouch, Eye Perfecting, Skin Retouching and Smoothing, Smile Enhancing etc.

  • Advanced Facial Recognition -

BeautyPlus recognizes user’s facial features and automatically applies flattering filter and retouch effects and produces near perfect flawless selfies in a snap.
  • Live Auto Retouch -

    BeautyPlus makes use of the advanced wonders of augmented reality tools and enables the users to experiment with different retouch tools before even shooting the photos.
  • Skin Retouching and Smoothing -

    BeautyPlus' blemish remover works on user's skin problems like pimples, with just a tap. Retouch skin tone exclusively smoothen so our skin using the makeover tool.
  • Eye Perfecting -

    BeautyPlus makes Eyes look attractive by eliminating bags, erasing dark circles and brightening eyes and makes them mesmerising in photos.
  • Smile Enhancing

    - BeautyPlus Teeth-Whitening tool brings out the natural beauty of smile and enables user take a clean selfie with a perfect smile any time.

Wow Selfie - Now Easy

BeautyPlus Me app is ridiculously easy to navigate and addictive to use.
  1. Install Meitu selfie retouch app, BeautyPlus Me now.
  2. Find two modes labelled Selfie and Beautify. Click live pictures using Selfie mode. Edit past camera pictures using Beautify mode.
  3. Change settings by clicking on little wheel on the right bottom corner.
  4. Retouch, beautify and enjoy sharing your mesmerizing images on social media sites instantly.

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