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Is it possible to convey a certain tone of voice through formatted text? Absolutely. Yes! Inflict your tone of voice into written text on WhatsApp.

Is it possible to convey a certain tone of voice through formatted text? Absolutely. Yes! Inflict your tone of voice into written text on WhatsApp.

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Is it possible to convey a certain tone of voice through formatted text? Absolutely. Yes! Inflicting your tone of voice into written text was not possible before. But now WhatsApp lets you to enhance the tone of your messages. Let your WhatsApp Messages do the talking.
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Do you have the habit of stressing a particular word when you are speaking? If yes, how can you let your readers understand that you are drawing their attention to a specific portion of the text? That's not as difficult as it may seem. 

You can show inflection by making your words appear differently. You can do this by presenting the words of your text msg in a different style.

  • Make your text Bold, 
  • Add Italics to Messages, 
  • Introduce content Strikethrough, 
  • Change the Font
  • Change the Font Color.

How to Format your messages in Whatsapp?

How do you make text bold on Whatsapp?

To Bold a word - Add asterisks to the either side of the *word*.
Eg - He Proposed. She accepted. *Society denied*.

How to write italic text on WhatsApp? 

To express in Italics - Use an underscore on either side of the _word_.
Eg - I experienced _déjà vu_ when I entered the auditorium.

How to Strikethrough on WhatsApp? 

To incorporate S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶  - Add tildes to either side of the ~word~.
Eg - ~When~ If you wish, you may ask.

How do you change the font on WhatsApp? 

To change the font in WhatsApp - Add ``` to either side of the ```word```.
Eg - The historical moment in guy’s life is, when a girl asks ```“Can I add you on Whatsapp??” ```.

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How to change WhatsApp text color?

This is neither an official update nor a part of the software released by Whatsapp Inc but a third party application.
  • Download WhatsBlueText Stylish app from Google PlayStore.
  • Install the App and Open it. 
  • Type in the text in the first text box on top. 
  • Copy the generated Blue colored text. 
  • Invite 7 more friends to use this app. 
  • After inviting, get redirected to the free Pro version.
But right now the Question before us is when to do what?

When to make the WhatsApp text Italic? 

  • Use italics to show when your words in particular need to be stressed. Eg - Mom expects me to make 100% on every test.
  • Any time you use a foreign word or phrase, make sure to express it in italics. Eg - Can we eat a la carte
  • You can visually separate a scene from the rest of your text using italics. Eg - How I wish I had 2 more hands to get this work finished.
  • Italics can also be used to denote titles. Eg - I read the Times of India to keep up with the gossip columns.
  • Show your direct inner thoughts or the inner monologue in the head using italics. Eg - I stared at him, mouth agape and thought I just can't believe he said that.  

When to use Bold in WhatsApp message? 

Forces stop the reader from skimming your message. A few well-placed bold text will help the reader navigate the content with interest. But remember, too much bold can rob the attention-grabbing ability. Emphasise - While italics is used for important text, bold is used for very important text.
  • Important sentences - Eg - You may either Do or Die.  
  • Important terms - Eg - To succeed in Life, you need 2 things: Ignorance and Confidence
  • Highlighting keywords - Eg - Well, That's an Evil smile. 

When to strikethrough WhatsApp text? 

Strikethrough can be used to represent a last-minute revision.
  • The original text displayed for clarity. Eg - The seized property may be worth 2 b̶i̶l̶l̶i̶o̶n̶ million dollars each. 
  • Strikethrough can be employed to a humorous effect. Eg - That was kinda s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶ hilarious. 

When should you change WhatsApp font? 

  • When you write your text from a particular resource word for word, change the font to indicate a quote. Eg - ``` Einstein stated, "You can't blame gravity for falling in love."``` 
  • When you refer to a particular resource and write it with your own words it is effective to change the text font. Eg - ``` It was Einstein who said gravity cannot be blamed for people falling in love. ```
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