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Enjoy Facebook Tricks! Use Fake Updates - Flip your Status - Track Top Friends - Try Custom Status. Njoy Lyf Online :)

Enjoy Facebook Tricks! Use Fake Updates - Flip your Status - Track Top Friends - Try Custom Status. Njoy Lyf Online :)

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Fool your Friends - Use Fake Updates: 

Anytime noticed those funny facebook updates wherein you can see popular celebs talking irrelevantly on various sensational news. Have you always wondered why?
Do you want some particularly favourite celeb of yours to do the same - Like the picture above? Well now, it is definitely possible with the help of THE WALL MACHINE free tool. It can create funny fake facebook wall posts. You get to watch a minute length video to understand how to use the Wall Machine tool. Do it now!

Enjoy little Fun - Flip your Status:

You in the mood to have a little fun? Come on let's make your friends tilt their heads, try to read and have a bit of laugh. Try posting flipped FB post upside down on their homepage :)
Not any text message.. Something like this -
 "I cant handle it anymore @FRIEND_NAME. You failed me & my trust. ¡¿¡sɹǝdɐd ǝɥʇ llɐ pǝɹɐǝlɔ no⅄ ¿sᴉɥʇ op noʎ uɐɔ ʍoH ". 
Wouldn’t that be funny? Sure! Go ahead and start posting your Facebook message right now. How would you do that? Go to Upside Down Text Genetator. Enter your apt funny text. Get it inverted!

Track Top Friends - Facebook Hack Method: 

  • Log in your Facebook Account. 
  • Go to Facebook Home Page. 
  • Open new window and press CTRL+U to see the Source Code.
  • Press CTRL+F and search "top_friends"
  • Find many Profile ID’s starting after "privacyData":{ . 
  • Pick up any ID and Replace the USER-ID in the URL below.
  • Paste in Browser URL. 
This is Little Complicated but 100% worthy hack to find who your top friends are. Don't you think?

Show off Buddies - Try Custom Status:

Have you ever noted that when you update your status from mobile, it may show out the Name/Brand of mobile you used. Let's tweak a Little.
  • Goto Facebook Developer page(https://developers.facebook.com). 
  • Register as developer if you have already not registered. 
  • Check the box ” I accept the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy”. 
  • Click on Continue > Continue > Done.
  • Create new app and Name it.
  • Click on Continue, leave everything else be as it is.
  • Fill in details like App domain and Site url and Save.
  • Note down your new APP ID carefully.
  • Copy the below URL, open new tab in your browser and paste it in the address bar.
https://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?app_id=<APP ID>&link=<SHARE LINK>&caption=updated%20via%20-%20<MOBILE MODEL> 
Replace the APP ID with yours in following URL
Replace the SHARE LINK with any link you wish to share
Replace the MOBILE MODEL with high end Mobile model name.
Time to earn your friends' envy, write your status and click on Share.

Enjoy Facebook Tricks! Njoy Lyf Online :)

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