AMP Social Share for Blogger - Updated (Twitter, Google, Facebook & Whatsapp)

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Design your blog specifically for mobile. Implement Social media share in your AMP Blogger. Become a ROCKSTAR!

Design your blog specifically for mobile. Implement Social media share in your AMP Blogger. Become a ROCKSTAR!

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Social Media & SEO

Why should you think about Social Media when designing your blog's SEO strategy? Social Media is the new SEO, an important part of a Brand’s online presence. Let me explain the how part?

SEARCH part- People nowadays use social media channels to find the latest news on the topic they're most interested in. For example, People active on Twitter can possibly discover their favorite blog's newest content just by searching for tweets with Twitter’s search engine.
SEO part - The number of times a blog's page has been retweeted on social media help search engines understand that the blog is credible and should be ranked for keyword phrases. This is how social link can boost your blog's search rank, when implemented properly.

Step 1: Create Social profiles to boost SEO

Social Media & Blogger

How to get the most out your blog posts on social media? Social media sharing is not as easy as everyone imagines it to be. It requires quite a bit of effort to do more than simply sharing every blog post on social media and implementing social sharing buttons on your blog..
Identify your target readers and then identify the social networks that your readers prefer.
  • Twitter: Identify relevant and popular hashtags for your blog post.
  • FaceBook: Blogs should have their own Facebook page and share posts with Groups.
  • Google+: Join relevant  Google+ communities and share your blog post.
Step 2: Implement Social sharing to get the most out of Blogging


How will Google AMP affect search results? A better, faster mobile web is better for both users and publishers.
Google says 40% of users will abandon any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Normal mobile pages often take at least 8 seconds to load.
AMP is Google's easy way for publishers to distribute content on the open web. AMP is still not a Google ranking factor(yet!) but it can still affect impressions, clicks, & user experience, this will in turn affect SEO.

Step 3: Consider AMP to stay in trend with the Blogging world.


What makes your blog's mobile pages load slowly? Imagine this scenario -
Your blog gets pulled into a mobile browser → Several dozens of packets of information (Scripts for social shares, images, videos and more..) get called from different hosts → However costly the mobile device is, it may not have the processing power to load a desktop site in a blink → Mobile screen bounces as the browser sets and resets repeatedly → You need to redesign your blog specifically for mobile. 
Here comes AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with all the required help.

Step 4: Implement Social share in your AMP Blogger and Increase pageviews dramatically.

Code for Social Media Buttons

Step 1: The amp-social-share component will have to be added in the header.
<script async='async' src="" custom-element="amp-social-share" ></script>
Step 2: Add a Layout gadget element and introduce this code.
<div id='social-share'><br/>
<amp-social-share height='35' type='twitter' width='35'/>
<amp-social-share height='35' type='email' width='35'/>
<amp-social-share height='35' type='gplus' width='35'/>
<amp-social-share data-param-app_id='APP_ID' expr:data-param-href='data:blog.canonicalUrl' height='35' type='facebook' width='35'/>
      <b:if cond='data:blog.isMobileRequest'>
<amp-social-share height='35' type='whatsapp' width='35' data-share-endpoint='whatsapp://send' expr:data-param-text='&quot;Checkout - &quot; + data:blog.pageTitle +  data:blog.canonicalUrl'/>
And it's DONE!

Parting Note - Be on social media — even when it's not driving traffic because Just spending time on social media platforms is great way to forge relationships. Keep up on Industry News and find Inspiration for your next blog post.

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