TamilNadu Reborn - The Beginning of a New Era

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Entire Tamil Nadu has stood up today unanimously to save our cultural symbolism of the Bull. Men, Boys, Women, Girls and even Kids are all fighting for our Identity.

Entire Tamil Nadu has stood up today unanimously to save our cultural symbolism of the Bull. Men, Boys, Women, Girls and even Kids are all fighting for our Identity.

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Entire Tamil Nadu has stood up today unanimously to save our cultural symbolism of the Bull. Men, Boys, Women, Girls and even Kids are all fighting for our Identity.

We Adjust - We Adopt 

Visit Odisha, you are expected to speak in Oddissi. Visit any of the Hindi-belt, you will be forced to speak Hindi. Visit France, you may have to learn French. Only the people of Tamil Nadu are consistent and closest to actualizing the peaceful philosophy of India.
NEW YORK TIMES listed Tamilnadu at 24th place in The Best 50 places to see around the World and we stand as the only state representing India. This is an account of a Foreigner who visited India.

I have never found a people more courteous, helpful, kind, warm and very welcoming than the people of Tamil Nadu! Everywhere I went, most people offered to help me, without my even asking for it and they all spoke to me in English (perfect or rudimentary). 

TAMIL - The Best Heritage 

Only two classical languages remain in use today - Chinese and Tamil. Tamil is the 15th most spoken language in the world and we make up 1% of the world’s population. We've got 77 million native speakers in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mauritius, Myanmar and Malaysia. Tamil is one of the Official Languages of Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. We're immensely proud of our language and our heritage but we never force it on others unlike many other. Maybe this is the reason why we were neglected so long.

If Tamil people are Illustrious.. 

They are proudly branded Indian. Ramanujan was a great Indian mathematician. Sundar Pichai is the proud Google's Indian CEO. Abdul Kalam was a respected Indian scientist. AR.Rahman is an Oscar-Winning Indian Musician. S. R. Nathan is an Indian descent Politician of Singapore. Manoj Shyamalan is an exceptional Indian Hollywood director. Navanethem Pillai is a prominent Indian judge in the High Court of South Africa. Chandrasekar limit fame Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar is an Indian American astrophysicist. Nasser Hussain was an excellent Indian English cricket captain. Narain Karthikeyan is the first Indian Formula one motor racing driver. Chess wiz Viswanathan Anand happens to be an Indian grand master. Right, we're proud of our contribution to the country. But...

If Tamil people have Issues.. 

  • With both the Monsoons playing truant year after year, we are forced to plead other states to release at least only the agreed quantum of water to save our crops at stake. The Respected Supreme Court's Orders stay majestically in the paper. 
  • We've agreed to house Madras Atomic Power Plant, Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Kudankulam Nuclear power project (yeah with great reluctance and protest still..) etc, despite all possible Hazards and Drawbacks. All these projects are controlled by Central Government owned entities that contribute power to the GRID. But when Tamilnadu has an energy crisis? Does it even matter to the Centre?
  • Tamilnadu fishermen get torched by SriLankan navy on a daily basis. Despite Tamilnadu's continual requests to Central government . Indian navy never gets instructed to protect/warn Tamil fishermen from/of the attack of SriLankan navy. 
  • "The most Shameful Act of India" in the United Nations was, when all other nations were voting to term the actions of SriLankan army as Genocide, India sidelined and betrayed our Tamil Brothers and Sisters by voting against it. 
  • Central Government's latest agenda with Tamilnadu can cripple us completely - Methane gas exploration. The Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu can get destroyed completely (Hidden Agenda!?). Imagine this and for God'sake, we are having to deal either with a Mute MM Singh or with a Flight-Mode Modi to complain about our issues. 

We for Us 

We may speak different languages to our guests because that's what our culture taught us and we follow. But our very same culture forbids us to fall backwards pleading for unjust favours/fall flat submiting to unjust orders. So WE FIGHT.
After a wide social media campaign to promote the traditional bull sport, Tamil youth and students have spontaneously gathered at the Marina beach to conduct agitation and drum up support for Jallikattu. Besides that, thousands of youth have gathered throughout the state and hold rallies evoking support from many sections of people.

The Beginning of a New Era

The Vellore mutiny was the first instance of a large-scale revolt by Indian sepoys against the English East India Company. Today with the Tamil youth jumping onto the Protests, demanding the lift of Jallikattu Ban and trying to save the TAMIL culture, we see a revival in the Tamil history, the birth of a new era. A mere ordinance will/cannot not satisfy our youth. We don't want Ordinance, Kindly #AmendPCA (Respect-Culture)!

If in case, anyone still has doubts about what is great about Tamil culture, turn to the pages of Indian history when there was a protest with this great number of protesters without Violence. Kindly Email me when you find and also look at the picture above to know what made our culture stand out and survive.

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