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Wake Up TamilNadu! Government is keen to pull the rug under your feet. Literally! Save yourself now OR Fly elsewhere safe OR Get ready to get CREMATED. Such is the seriousness.

Wake Up TamilNadu! Government is keen to pull the rug under your feet. Literally! Save yourself now OR Fly elsewhere safe OR Get ready to get CREMATED. Such is the seriousness.

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Wake Up TamilNadu! Government is keen to pull the rug under your feet. Literally! Save yourself now OR Fly elsewhere safe OR Get ready to get CREMATED. Such is the seriousness.

The Union government is bent on sneaking dangerous projects like Sethu Samurathram project, Natural Gas Pipeline project, Methane and Hydrocarbon exploration projects into Tamil Nadu.
Unconfirmed Reports: 
Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs has approved for hydrocarbon exploration and extraction project in Neduvasal, a village in Pudukottai. 
A Brief Recap: 
In 2009, ONGC sunk 4,000-feet wells at two places in the village. ONGC has confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in the village. Union government has allegedly given a green light for the hydrocarbon extraction.

Methane Exploration Efforts of the past

  • In 31 places at Pudukotai, ONGC has sunk and found that these areas have hydrocarbon resources. The Centre entered into a production sharing agreement with the GEECL in 2010.
  • GEECL petitioned the State government to accord sanction for a petroleum exploration licence and got it granted for a period of four years. 
  • The State government entered into an MoU with the GEECL in 2011, promising sanctions, licences and infrastructure to help in pursuing the project.
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Protests and Agitations

Delta farmers and people saw the methane project as a real threat to their livelihood and food security. They staged numerous agitations and also openly opposed the project at public hearings. Despite public outcry and opposition, the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests granted environment clearance for the project.

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TN's Strong Saviour

As soon as Ms. Jayalalithaa returned to power in 2011, she took cognisance of the protests by farmers and took the boldest step towards saving the Cauvery delta. As a result of her effort, the project to explore extraction of coal bed methane in Tamil Nadu stood cancelled.

Hydrocarbons Extraction Efforts of the present

What are these Hydrocarbons? Some new miracle chemicals that will promote factories and job opportunities? No! It is the same old story again. All organic compounds consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon are called Hydrocarbons. So what is the chemical formula for Methane? CH4.
Last time it was GEECL, now Reliance Industries Ltd has got a green signal for Rs 800 crore drilling project in TN. It has drilled nine wells and discovered hydrocarbons in three wells till date. So it is the same story with a different name all over again. Now our struggle is against an even more powerful opponent and sadly our saviour is no more.

Understanding the Impacts of Hydrocarbons extraction on the Environment

Complete Ground-Water Depletion

If TamilNadu was called Dry region before, it will become a Desert after this project comes to full effect. Union Government does not help us in our water issues (with Cauvery and Thenpennai) but is very keen on destroying a landmass called TamilNadu with a vengeance. To release hydrocarbons from coal seams, the groundwater trapping the gas must be continually pumped out. Millions of litres of produced water has to be disposed of from each well. Continuous removal of water from coal seams depletes ground water and may eventually lower farmers boreholes and surface water flows (streams and rivers).

Emissions & Pollutions

Large quantities of methane, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants will be emitted from the site equipments, diesel generators and trucks. Further noise pollution and other emissions of methane and airborne pollutants will occur, as the gas gets processed and pressurised in sprawling temporary infrastructure. Flare stacks burn off unwanted gases and could cause noise and light pollution along with more toxic emissions.

Methane in Drinking Water

Did you think Co2 was the only dangerous Greenhouse gas affecting our environment? Well. Rethink and get introduced to Methane, 100x dangerous than Carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. The Coal Bed Methane (CBM) process along with hydraulic fracturing releases methane from coal seams. Further 6% of gas wells leak immediately and 50% of all gas wells leak within 15 years. Once released, methane can also migrate through the overlying geology leading to high levels of methane in streams, aquifers and eventually drinking water.

Hazardous Work Environment

Workers will be at high risk of industrial disease and accidents. Exposure to chemicals and produced water could create acute health risks for workers. Local communities will find themselves living in gasfields. Areas and land base will be exposed to long term dangers that exist even long after the industry has gone.

Biodiversity Threatened

Farming and food production, recreation and tourism suffer at all stages of coal bed methane exploration, appraisal and production. Wildlife corridors will be disrupted. Cutting up of habitats into smaller and smaller pieces will threaten biodiversity. Release and distribution of toxic compounds will further add to the impact. 

Wake up Tamizha

It was real astonishing to see the youth power connect against Ban of Tamil cultural activities. Right now, young minds should definitely understand the gravity of this situation and fight for what is left of TamilNadu.

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