Dear PM Modi, Letter from a Mother | Subject - Please Stop Child Abuse

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Step Up! Stand in Truth! You now have a chance to contribute. Be a part of the change that you want to see. Shjare it as much as possible. Please.

Step Up! Stand in Truth! You now have a chance to contribute. Be a part of the change that you want to see. Shjare it as much as possible. Please.

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Dear Prime minister,
I am a mother living in India. I had always believed that my child has the right to live her childhood without fear! But Hasini's fate changed everything.

Child Abuse & Molestation - Spreading Epidemic

Physical and sexual abuse of our children gets reported on TV, in newspapers and on the internet on a daily basis. Child abusers continue to run rampant in our society. Time and place of incidents do not matter here because this is an epidemic spreading across our country (more precisely all around the globe).

Our Children are Losing their Innocence

As a Mother, I live everyday in constant fear for my child's safety and well being. Even going to and coming from school is no longer a routine, I happen to live in a state of constant fear.

Will my child come home from school without getting exposed to "BAD TOUCH"?
Will my child be free of the "EVIL EYE" of strangers? 
Having to teach "Good Touch" and "Bad Touch" to my innocent child, I strongly fear if I am ushering my child into an Ugly grown-ups world very soon.

Child Abuse exists - Hiding does it no Help

We public are a little surprised that in a grand country like ours with so many illustrious personalities, not once did one such personality come forward to fight for the safety of our children. Media has all the time to endlessly debate on how the latest commercial movie of an XYZ actor is doing, or how they perfected the red carpet walk, but something vitally important as child safety gets shoved into the inside pages of a Newspaper.

Stats about Child Abuse are Bone-Chilling

The World Health Organisation reports that India is the home to largest number of sexually abused children. We seem to be sliding into a passive acceptance of our situation today and that is the scariest part of all!
In 2007, the Ministry of Women and Child Development made these shocking revelations:
  • • 1 in 2 children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse. 
  • • 8 children in India are subject to Child Sexual Abuse everyday. 
  • • Every 5th Child is subjected to severe forms of sexual abuse (direct sexual assault, making the child fondle private parts, making the child exhibit private body parts and being photographed in the nude).
  • • Every 155th minute, one child below 16 years of age is raped in India
  • • A child below 10 years of age is raped every 13th hour
  • • 50% abusers are persons known to the child or in a position of trust and responsibility (family member, close relative, friend or neighbour).

We are worried. We're ready to Act on it..

In a country as great as ours, we are still taking a backseat and letting sick perverts get away with this kind of heinous crime. I write this petition because we need to move beyond the sham sympathy and get into the real action mode. With every second child at risk of abuse, it is time to act and protect India’s children. Our children deserve a better India.

Dear Prime Minister, Please Help us..

As a Mother, I ask and urge the Prime minister of this country not to keep shoving all other problems of India above my child's safety. India’s daughters are at stake. All I ask you is to take a mere look at the rapidly escalating pace of abuse cases especially against children. Convicted pedophiles deserve severe punishment, or else we will lose more child victims to these criminals.

If someone deserves Ruthless punishments, Pedophiles do.

We need a Law as strong as possible (like enforcing chemical castration) against pedophiles. While the law against child sexual abuse, the Protection of Children of Sexual Offences Act, 2013 is well intentioned, any small holes in the law can allow a psycho (a child abuser) walk free and he is a potential threat to every Indian child he walks past.

Dear fellow Parents,

Until we create truly ruthless laws for this kind of crime, and fast, I feel we will have to clutch our daughters closer to us than let them live an innocent childhood they truly deserve!

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