Brand your Blog's Social Media Presence: Top 5 Tips!

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From a bloging perspective, social media traffic is one of the most targeted traffic available. Best News - It’s FREE!!!

From a bloging perspective, social media traffic is one of the most targeted traffic available. Best News - It’s FREE!!!

RandomTyms Breed - Random Blogger.

From a blogging perspective, social media traffic is one of the most targeted traffic available. Best News - It’s FREE!!! Internet marketers and bloggers now widely employ social media marketing strategies to tap into targeted traffic streams from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
As a blogger, it is absolutely necessary to have social media profiles. It is even more essential to make sure all your social media profiles look consistent. Your profile has to speak about what you offer your readers and why they should start following you.

When profiles match up, it helps cement a clear picture of you in the minds of readers. The fewer the variations in your profile, it becomes easily memorable. For this purpose, you should maintain the same name, bio, and avatar across all your social profiles.


All the sites, let you select a handle, make sure it’s unique, matches your brand name. Reserve your name on all social channels. You can enter your desired username into Knowem to see its availability on over 25 of the most popular social networks. If it isn’t possible for you to get the same username, come up with a standard variation to use in the case that your first choice is already taken.
  • Twitter: @randomtyms
  • Facebook: @randomtyms


Choose a brandable name that is as close as possible to your blog’s name and clearly shows its personality. Use a consistent name on all social profiles - First name and Last name is the standard. Don't deviate too much from your blog’s name and don't pick a complicated replacement either. Do your best to avoid nicknames, shortened names, etc., unless you use the variation consistently.


Match your social profiles' vanity URL with the title of your page to strengthen your brand recognition. Through personalized vanity URLs, you can establish your brand presence and forge a solid brand identity. Such personalization will hugely improve the findability of your blog profile in search engines. Adding vanity URLs to your social media accounts can help your brand to rank higher in organic search results. Make sure you mention your site URL or a landing page URL to let those profile viewers know more about you and your business.


To help your readers create a memorable impression about your blog, your avatar image should be unique and same on all social profiles. Prefer to use your Logo and take care of color combination for better exposure. Make sure to keep a note of maximum allowed size for image in all social networks. As you build your personal brand, this will be a great way to influence a person's decision to interact with you


A tagline adds insight into your blog’s personality and content that is integral to your brand. Come up with a catchy, unique tagline/bio. Your tagline/bio on your blog header is usually the first thing visitors see the moment they arrive at your blog. Here are 2 factors to consider before creating an outstanding tagline for your brand. Your blog’s keywords and it's focus.
  • Keyword Headline - Make an accurate & targeted description using Keywords for your blog.
  • Power Statement Headline - Pick one interesting fact / feature about your blog.
The basic goal is to be the blog whose content will be considered authoritative by the audience. Higher the brand visibility is, higher is the online presence of a blog. Follow these 5 tips to create an authentic social presence for your Blog. Build your online brand presence and authority.

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