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After expressing his stinging criticism all these months in 140 characters, Kamal Haasan has finally decided to stage his entry in Tamil Nadu's political fray. Let's decide his pros and cons.

After expressing his stinging criticism all these months in 140 characters, Kamal Haasan has finally decided to stage his entry in Tamil Nadu's political fray. Let's decide his pros and cons.

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After expressing his stinging criticism all these months in 140 characters, Kamal Haasan has finally decided to stage his entry in Tamil Nadu's political fray. Now let us decide what his pros and cons are.

Kamal Haasan Pros

Daring Protestor  

Kamal Haasan has proved time and again that he is not afraid to speak the ugly truths. Need examples?
  • ⬤ Haasan, while defending the sport of Jallikattu quoted this, 
"If you want a ban on Jallikattu, let's also ban biryani."
  • ⬤ When Hassan's film Vishwaroopam ran into controversies, he came out strongly against the then Chief Minister by quoting, 
"It was that one person... the person who was in power. It wasn't the communists or the DMK."

Transparent Taxpayer

While he was one of the few actors who spoke about the mismanagement during the 2015 showers of rain which almost sank Chennai, he was slammed brutally by then Finance Minister, who called the actor a ‘confused’ who is unaware of the ground reality. All Kamal commented was,
"It will take Chennai months to get back to normal even when the rains stop. Where is all of the taxpayer's money going? I don't take black money. I pay my taxes. What is being done for me and my people with my hard-earned money?"
Now, sir, we are ready to learn the ground reality with you.  

Determined Learner

Aren't we talking about the person who learnt to play a musical instrument and had become a master - all for enacting one scene in a movie, directed by his mentor? Now we're not sure what is called a perfect dedication if this isn't one.
The veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja asserts this,
"If Kamal enters politics he would be very difficult to control. By the time he decides to do so, he would have learnt all the tricks and whatever it takes to be a good and successful politician."

Demanding Taskmaster

Quoted by Nikkil Murugan, one of the busiest PROs in South Indian cinema.
"Kamal sir doesn't like three things, i.e, 'can't do this' (mudiyaadhu), 'this is tough' (kashtam), 'this will cost a lot' (idhuku adhigam selavu aagum). You shouldn't tell these three things to him. He might give us a work to do, and if we say we can't do this, or this isn't possible, without even trying, he wouldn't be convinced. You have to try the extreme possible ways and only then he will accept."
Aren't these the attitudes we want in a person who would lead us?

Kamal Hassan Cons

Cinema Background

The public opinion of Tamil people is that Cinema and Politics in Tamil Nadu had long enjoyed a deep relationship for several decades now. It is time this scenario changed.

"Offer freebies for election & Neglect people for good" - This has been the sick attitude among TN politicians till date and this MUST End. To change this, someone fresh has to arrive at the scene and win people's trust in a short time. Who else can be more effective in getting people's quick recognition and approval other than from Cine field?

After all, the most distinguished politicians today, have no prominent cinema background still are highly proficient actors. Won't you agree more?

Opportunistic Purpose

Death of Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa last year and the gradual decline of Mr M. Karunanidhi from active politics on account of his advanced age has created a vacuüm in Tamil politics.

Still, it’s not going to be easy for Kamal Haasan in the political field. Despite a symbiotic relationship between cinema and politics, the former hasn’t solely decided the latter. Rather, it was the reverse.

Critics have already called his political aspirations as being opportunistic when the state is already struggling with its weakest government in decades.

Confusing Stands

In his interview to the Times of India, Kamal has said that there is no untouchability in politics and if the need arises, he would not be averse to working with BJP.

Aren't you the same person, who when asked about the political affiliation, stated that he had been in the film industry for 40 years, but “I can tell you one thing, my colour is definitely not saffron”.

Well, that's not very easy to understand sir, just like your tweets.

Against Beliefs

Kamal Haasan once made a comment on how in the epic tale of Mahabharata, Draupati was used as a collateral in men's gambling game. He questioned how India can respect and honour a book that solely revolves around men using a woman to gamble away as if she was a mere object.

Please remember Sir that such statements have the power to create an antisocial impact among people, living in a country that cherishes its culture, strongly built upon beliefs. A true leader never does that.

Personal Issues

Starting with a string of breakups, two failed marriages and so, Kamal Hassan's personal life is rife with controversies. Yet he holds a ton of respect in the hearts of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Still Mr.Kamal you must be aware of the fact that your not so clean personal diary will always be the target of your opponents to project you in an unfavourable light and turn your prospective voters away.
Though AIADMK constantly targets Kamal Haasan personally, they are unable to act against him as Kamal is still revered as a genius both on and off movie industry.

His mother had wanted him to be the best in whatever he did. Till this date, he has followed his Mother's words as his professional mantra. For the best of TamilNadu, let's hope Kamal does the same in his political attempt too.

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