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Can you compare the weight of two things and tell me which is the heaviest one? It is a very easy task to do. Let us learn some new facts and information.

Rock or Pebbles - Which is Heavy?

This is a simple question right? Yes we know that a rock is heavier than a pebble. Though we can answer the question directly, let us look at the reason.
To estimate the weight of a Pebble/Rock, we need to know it's Volume.
Which has bigger length? Pebble or Rock?
Which has wider width? Pebble or Rock?
Which has more height? Pebble or Rock?
All the three quantities of a pebble is very small compared to a rock. 

Answer: Rock wins.

Note: To get the exact weight of a Rock - Multiply the volume of the rock by the specific gravity of the material.

Elephant or Cat - Which is Heavy?

Do you know which is the heaviest land animal? African Bush elephant.
It has a weight of up to 10000 kg. It eats around 230 kilograms of grass/plants/leaf a day and drinks about 200 litres of water. To do this, they take around 15 hours a day grazing and drinking.

Let us compare poor cat. An average cat will have have a healthy weight range of between 3.6 to 4.5 kg.

Answer: Elephant wins.

Note: Do you know what is the weight of the heaviest pet cat in the world? Himmy from Queensland, Australia was the fattest cat. He weighed in at 21.3 kg. 

Blue Whale or Goldfish - Which is Heavy?

Did you know that blue whales are the largest creatures ever to have lived on Earth. Weight of 1 blue whale = Weight of 25 African elephants

On the other hand, our goldfish is a freshwater fish, most commonly kept in aquarium. The heaviest goldfish recorded so far was once caught by a British teen and it weighed only 2.2 kg.

Answer: Big, bad boy - Blue Whale wins.


  • Weight of Blue whale tongue = Weight of an Elephant
  • Weight of Blue whale Heart = Weight of an automobile.

Cot or Chair - Which is Heavy?

The weight of the cot/chair is designed depending on how much weight it has to carry.
A typical bed frames can hold up to 250kg of evenly distributed weight. The includes weight of the person/s sleeping on it, the mattress weight etc.
A standard computer chair/guest chair can hold a weight of about 110kg. This usually includes only the weight of the person sitting on it. 

Answer: Cot wins

Note: In a normal sitting posture, body weight is largely distributed up to 78% on seat, 13% on seatback, and 18% on the floor. So the chair does not have to bear his 100% weight.

Bus or Scooter - Which is Heavy?

A vehicle is designed according the number of persons it has to carry.
A scooter can carry a maximum of two grown up persons. The average weight limit of a scooter in the 150cc class is about 158 kg.
A typical yellow school is designed for carrying more than 10 - 54 passengers. It weighs almost 12000 kg.  

Answer: Bus wins

Note: The maximum capacity of a standard school bus is 72 passengers.

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