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The so-called punishment - Thoppukaranam is not a punishment afterall. It has a hidden agenda.... Unraveled inside 👉

The so-called punishment - Thoppukaranam is not a punishment afterall. It has a hidden agenda.... Unraveled inside 👉

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It is an everyday observation while crossing a Ganesha temple on road - some people stopping by, taking their footwear off, performing “Thoppukaranam”, then knocking their forehead and headsides before resuming their journey. You probably considered it an everyday religious action.

Have you ever wondered the rationale behind the old Indian punishment of crossing hands across the chest, holding both ear lobes, & sitting down plus getting up as many times? 

Most commonly conceived notion is that Thoppukaranam is a punishment exclusively reserved for the not-so-bright-students.


Now is the time to reconsider that idea. Derived from words “Thorpe” meaning hands and “Karanam” meaning ears, Thoppukaranam is now claimed by US Scientists as Super-Brain Yoga, that can increase the blood flow to brain cells. 

This definitely can improve the coordination between the right and left lobes of brain. It leads to enhanced memory, calmness and concentration.

Holding Ear 

Besides the posture, holding the ear lobes has neural pathways stimulating effect too.
  1. When the right ear lobe is held, the left brain and pituitary gland are energize and activate. 
  2. When the left ear lobe is held, the right brain and the pineal gland are energized and activated. Thus it helps with sharpened intelligence.

Important Note: 

For energizing and activating both Brain lobes, the left arm must be inside, while the right arm must be outside. This correct arm position is important for energizing and activating the brain.

How and when to do Thoppukaranam? 

Fifteen minutes of  ’Thoppukaranam’ everyday increases the brain power immensely. Doing 10-12 rounds of the posture everyday is considered good. 

Pillayar Kuttu:

Knocking the forehead(Frontal Lobe) and sides of temple(Temporal Lobe) with knuckles 8 times is Pillayar kuttu. This action has a bigger significance too.
  • The Frontal lobe is responsible for voluntary movement and planning and is thought to be the most significant lobe for personality and intelligence.
  • Parts in the Temporal lobe (motor cortex and the somatosensorycortex) has connection that activates the glands under the roof of the palate(of one’s mouth) which is supposed to ooze necatarine like fluid that can have a vitalizing effect on health, intelligence and age. 
So the so-called punishment - Thoppukaranam is not a punishment afterall, but an excellent remedy for memory related problems.


Did I tell you why Lord Ganapathy plays hero here? Because He is associated with knowledge/memory. 
"Ga"  representing Intelligence, 
"Na" representing Wisdom and 
"Pathy" representing - Master, 
His name in itself means that he is the Master of Wisdom and Intelligence.

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